Why should I use you instead of an app?

 Apps are great for last-minute walks and emergencies, but they’re not reliable for regular walks. You might get five different walkers in a single week, and most dogs (and owners!) prefer consistency. 

I’ll get to know your dog’s needs and personality better than a one-time walker, and if you need to contact me outside of business hours to ask what your dog’s poop looked like today, I’m happy to respond (please keep late-night texts to a minimum, but sometimes you need to know!)

More importantly, most Wag or Rover walkers don’t have as much experience as I do; many walkers recruited by dog-walking start-ups are first-timers. They’ve probably never fussed with a difficult lock, walked in a blizzard, or pulled a chicken bone out of a pit-bull’s throat. Also, I’m cheaper than an app!

What are your qualifications?

I have over a year’s experience walking full-time with Bushwick K9, and in February I was profiled in Bushwick Daily.

What’s so great about Virgos?

We’re known for being reliable, responsible, and detail-oriented. A Virgo won’t flake on you or leave you onread” for twelve hours. With our concern for safety and passion for scheduling, Virgos make ideal dog-walkers.

Can you walk my dog if I ask the day-of or on short notice?

I can’t guarantee walks day-of, but I’ll try my best to accommodate you. 

What’s your cancellation policy?

Please cancel at least twenty-four hours ahead of time, otherwise you’ll still be charged for the walk. This fee is waived in the case of emergencies or bad weather. 

What company are you insured and bonded through?

Pet Sitters Associates. You can read about PSA on their website, and I’m happy to answer any specific questions you have about my coverage. 

How often do you bill me?

Every two weeks.